Taking control of workload and optimal team composition

What is the workload for a particular season, week, day or part of a day? How many people should I schedule? Who do I need in terms of function and flexibility? And how do I keep wage costs at an appropriate level? With Workload Planner, managers always have the best solution at their fingertips. You can keep a close eye on work hours and the most effective deployment of staff with the right qualifications. This enables you to exceed your customers’ expectations and systematically achieve your labour cost targets.

Mapping your dynamic workload

Workload Planner offers many benefits based on using your current workload to consistently determine the most effective way to deploy staff, manage work hours, optimise team composition and systematically achieve your labour cost targets.


Real-time workload

The staffing required in terms of hours, costs and team composition, available in real-time

Appropriate action

Enables you to respond rapidly and flexibly to changing conditions

Intelligent computing power

Powerful scenario functionality for budgeting and business cases

WLP in 2,5 minutes

This gives you a quick introduction to the benefits and features of Workload Planner, a powerful and intelligent tool that provides a solid foundation for your staff deployment.
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Customers rely on Workload Planner

Workload Planner adds value for companies at which labour makes all the difference, due to multiple processes, varying workloads and multiple locations. It’s suitable for use in international operations. View the responses of customers from a range of industries in which our powerful tool contributes to higher returns every day!
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Introduction to Workload Planner

Interested in finding out how Workload Planner could add value for your organisation? We would be happy to show you the power of our intelligent tool in an obligation-free live demo. You will also have the opportunity to get direct answers to any questions you might have, as well as a detailed explanation of all the benefits.
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