WLP in operation

We are proud of our clients and we feel privileged that they are using Workload Planner strategically and operationally to optimise their efficiency and exceed their customers’ expectations every day. Read on to find out about our customers’ experiences with Workload Planner.

Proven projects

"‘Coop Supermarkets is constantly innovating. Our branches and entrepreneurs use Workload Planner every day to organise our work in a transparent manner, enabling us to systematically maintain our company’s quality and returns.’"
Maarten Ebben - Director of Store Operations, COOP Netherlands
"‘We have been great fans of Workload Planner for more than 10 years because of the way it helps us to organise our work. Being well prepared is much better than having to fix issues afterwards.’"
Marcel van Daalhuizen - Entrepreneur, Jumbo
"‘Because Roompot is a seasonal business, we have to deal with strong fluctuations in workload. Workload Planner helps us translate all of our data, goals and service levels into practical, plannable hours on a weekly and daily basis.’"
Nicole Stelling - Manager Staff & Guest Satisfaction, Roompot
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