Workload Planner - Knows all about workload

In order to be able to deploy your staff efficiently and effectively, you need insight into workload demands. Workload can vary greatly due to a range of internal and external influences. Workload Planner provides the leading solution for smart and simple building,, managing and distributing labour standards and influencing factors. Outcomes can be easily integrated into the daily staff planning process. The powerful scenario functionality makes your business operations transparent. It also works seamlessly with workforce management software. Workload Planner is a proven effective solution for omnichannel retail, distribution, hospitality and leisure. A powerful and innovative tool that can be tailored to suit your industry, situation and business model.


Functions that matter


Establish hourly standards

Activity-based labor standards modelling, budgeting and simulation.

Determine required team composition

Proactively manage team composition, determine which people you need, and manage labour costs.

Budget and plan

Create budgets, forecasts and long-term plans.

Create scenarios

Simulate strategy-based processes and conditions.

Real-time results at multiple levels

Have access to information about workload at season, week, day and part-day level and the required staffing at qualification level.

Easy access in WFM

WFM and other applications can easily access Workload Planner data and results.

How Workload Planner works for you

Workload Planner can be fully customised to suit your business, organisational structure and policies. Because we base the setup on our rich database and your own available data, we can easily get started right away and be operational within just a few weeks. Workload Planner is easy to use and can be used at various levels of your organisation. Broad access to all results and data in WFM software and other business applications is possible by means of APIs. You can view the connectivity options here.

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