Proven effective in various industries

Workload Planner is widely used in the omnichannel retail, distribution, hospitality and leisure industries in national and international companies with many employees, varying workloads and multiple locations.

Knows all about industry-specific workload

While all industries have their own variables, they also share similarities. For example, the industries are labour-intensive, there are a variety of internal and external factors affecting workload, and they operate across a range of locations/sites.








Call centres


Fulfilment, distribution & logistics


Manufacturing companies

Benefit from our rich database of standards. We can combine these with your own data to determine the workload. If your business model or processes change, Workload Planner enables you to immediately calculate the impact on workload.

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WLP for your business

Collaborative approach, easy start-up and rapid payback.


Quick to start

Easy start-up, operational within just a few weeks

Opportunities are clear

Rapid insight into opportunities for improvement

Instant results

Instant results in terms of increased efficiency

Connectivity with workload planner

How Workload Planner works for you

Workload Planner can be fully customised to suit your business model, organisational structure and policies. Because we base the setup on our rich database and your own available data, we can easily get started right away and be operational within just a few weeks. Workload Planner is easy to use and can be used at various levels of your organisation. Broad access to all results and data in WFM software and other business applications is possible by means of APIs. You can view the connectivity options here.

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